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Ezine Profit Alternatives [December 3, 2001]
Revenue generated from advertising has been the most popular source of profit in most publishing ventures, and email publishing is no exception. But unfortunately for the online publisher, there is not an endless supply of advertising dollars to support his or her publication. This article looks at several profit alternatives and examines how you might incorporate them into your own publishing venture. More...

Tracking Email Subscription Requests [November 16, 2001]
Last week, we looked at tracking click-throughs to measure the effectiveness of promotional or advertising tasks involved with your ezine. Today we'll look at tracking email requests, which is useful primarily to track the results of promotional efforts that don't involve a visit to your website. For example, you may allow potential readers of your ezine to subscribe to it by simply sending an email message to a specified email address. In order to track these efforts effectively, you will want to use a unique code of some kind for each individual effort. This will tell you which efforts are producing the most results, and which efforts you should focus your time and money on in the future. More...

Ezine Click-Through Tracking: The Basics [November 7, 2001]
Click-through tracking is one of the most important tasks of an ezine publisher. It is integrally tied to your promotion efforts, your sponsors' effectiveness, even your content production. Tracking click-throughs on a certain link is useful for any of the following... More...

HTML Email Template Design [October 18, 2001]
This week we'll cover some of the more advanced issues of HTML email design, including template creation, filesize management, embedded versus Web-served images, alternative text for non-HTML-compliant email programs, and so on. More...

HTML Email Basics [September 27, 2001]
The debate rages on concerning whether text or HTML email is the "ideal" email publishing medium. Text is the "universal format," ensuring that the greatest amount of your readers will be able to see a properly formatted email message. HTML, on the other hand, offers a number of features such as color, font variations, and embedded graphics at the expense of universal compatibility with all email programs. This week's article looks at the basics of HTML email formatting, while future articles will cover the more advanced issues of good HTML email design. More...

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